ITVT DataServices

Focused acquisition thanks to meaningful data

Up-to-date data and meaningful key figures from companies throughout Germany – that is what the ITVT Data Service offers.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence, collected data is directly linked to your own CRM, enriched, and made available for queries.

Using data evaluation and securing potential for your customer business

Microsoft technology based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in combination with modern cloud solutions ensure that your data is always secure and fully accessible.

Our CRM systems can be individually linked to existing systems and offer all the advantages of data collection in combination with the Data Service, which are necessary for the right KPIS.

This makes it possible to make targeted predictions about investment probability, sales growth, or risk ratings for existing or potential customers.

Focused new customer acquisition with 100% lists
Refinement of existing customer data for cross- & upselling
Optimization of marketing strategies
Research and selection with the Dynamics 365 app
Complete geocoding for geographic selection


Capture data quickly thanks to artificial intelligence

Every business has tons and tons of data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated as a Business Intelligence (BI) application, helps you extract hidden insights from your data - at a speed and scale that humans cannot.

Data & Analytics: the fuel of the 21st century

Use your enterprise data to fuel and drive your business success and gain control over your data assets with Power BI/ AI. This way you gain new insights for better, faster, and more informed business decisions.

With the Power BI/ AI portfolio, we guide our customers from the first steps in data analytics all the way to fully automated AI projects. In workshops and with focused trainings we analyze the current situation with you and identify potentials.

Together we develop ideas with a wow effect and accompany you through the process of realization and the entire life cycle of your analytics solution.

Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI
Advanced Analytics with Microsoft Azure
Data Science and AI
Predictive Analytics: Optimization of forecasts with Machine Learning
Explorative Analytics: Identify previously unknown patterns in your data and discover untapped potential for sales, customers, or marketing
Cognitive Analytics: Deep Learning algorithms find errors in components, identify incoming documents and their content, or prioritize customer interactions

ITVT Support

Sustainable project success

To ensure that your business processes run smoothly, the right functions of our ITVT Microsoft products are essential.

Our support team is happy to assist you with extensive support services and 24/7 availability. In this way, you always benefit from a reliable system – regardless of the size of your company and system.

A successful project does not end with the implementation. To generate sustainable project success for our customers, we are at your side even after the complete integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our experienced support engineers assist you will all technical or application-related questions and problems related to Microsoft 365. You decide whether you want us a permanent support partner at your side or spontaneously in emergencies.

Customised Support

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, which is why we offer you customised support contracts – from service level agreements to support contracts to simple service allocations – you as the customer determine the scope of services, the response time, and the service level of support yourself.  We look forward to supporting you!

Strengthen the acceptance of your Microsoft 365/Dynamics 365 solution in the company, using ITVT Support
ITVT Support improves the growth and scalability of the Microsoft 365/Dynamics 365 solution and its processes
Always stay up to date with the ITVT Support Portal
Relieve the burden on your own IT using ITVT Support