ITVT CRM for Energy suppliers

The energy market is undergoing a transformation. Many new rules and regulations, and a more aggressive competition always provide greater challenges to the digital world of the energy supply industry. Choosing the right IT partner and their solutions is a critical factor for success in this dynamic business world.

Through its involvement with industry associations, energy-related research projects, industry and user meetings and through international project experience, we speak the language of our customers in the energy industry for more than 15 years.

Our cost and process efficient solution - ITVT CRM for Utilities Suite – has been developed specifically for the energy market. It provides utilities, municipal utilities and companies in the energy world with the right tool.

360° Cockpit – Keep track

The customer center is the central entry point into the system. Here you have a 360 ° view of your customers - including multi-object search - and can initiate various actions directly from the interface.

Core functionality of the ITVT CRM for Utilities Suite

  • Management of customers, business partners, connecting objects, consumption points and reporting points
  • Dialogue-based processes for customer acquisition
  • Customer recovery campaigns
  • Support of customer center
  • Fully integrated solution in Outlook (if desired)
  • Centralized Customer (360 ° cockpit)
  • Tailor-made customer approach (For example, ethnic / demographic customer contact)
  • Seamless integration of accounting systems (For example, SAP, NAV, AX, Infor, ABAS, ...)
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management (For example, price adjustments)
  • connection to the ene't database
  • Support of market processes (GPKE, GeLi, MaBiS)
  • Integration of pricing and EDM systems
  • Automated process integration through portals (Comparisons, customers signups / cancellations / utility transfers)
  • Integration of CTI / PBXs
  • contract management / contract management processes / permits
  • Regulatory Management
  • Integration of DMS / ECM systems (For example, SharePoint, ELO, Easy Archive, ...)
  • credit checks
  • supply and sales opportunity management
  • Product Configuration
  • Mass print management
  • Business Intelligence (market, customer and Competitive analysis, reports, dashboards)
  • Management of properties (Buildings, equipment, objects, ...)
  • Address Management / address checks
  • Multi-channel management (Social Media, Web, chat, telephony, e-mail, ...)
  • Automated customer correspondence (For example, termination confirmations, welcome letter, ...)
  • Integration of Office products (For example, Excel, Word, Outlook, ...)
  • hosting in data centers in Germany (Green Hosting Cloud)
  • Billing

You can license or subscribe this software solution.