Green Hosting Cloud

It is our vision of a modern datacenter to provide our customers with an absolutely secure (BIS certified), cost efficient and powerful hosting or cloud solution and at the same time to continuously protect and preserve the environment. Our Green Hosting Cloud is a promise to our customers, as well as to nature. This symbiosis makes our datacenter unique and for the first time provides the opportunity to establish our datacenter in the countryside.

Cloud services are established everywhere today. Everybody is talking about the cloud. So why not use your very own cloud?

Depending on your wishes and demands you can already get almost unlimited storage, CPU, memory or an entire server infrastructure (including Windows Server 2012 R2) for rent. You only pay what you actually use. Whether you need resources short or long term doesn’t matter.

With the individual solutions of our Green Hosting Cloud you will receive cost efficient services which would be expensive to implement on your own. The provision of our services is done almost in realtime.