Only comprehensive and accurate information allows you to serve customers in the best way. Information however can be scattered across the enterprise and be hard to find. The solution to this is system integration. System integration prevents inconsistencies and duplicate data storage.

ITVT helps to connect your business intelligently.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 2015 we have developed industry solutions for energy providers, discrete and process manufacturers furthermore we integrate systems.
MS CRM 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 offers new, efficient functionality across the modules Marketing | Sales | Service | Social CRM, that will help accelerate your business.


Sales hierarchies

Edit, manage and use your sales data for reports exactly the way you need to. New hierarchical visualizations and roll-ups deliver area and forecast data in real time directly onto your desk or mobile device.

Record key data using roll-up fields

Roll-up fields are used to connect key data on record level with entities from 1:n connected entities. The roll-up fields also support more complex scenarios by adding up sums across multiple hierarchies.

Business rules

Business analysts can simply create comprehensive business logics using the declarative point-and-click interface to trigger actions in the CRM system. The business rules have been expanded by the following functions:

Write once, execute anywhere: business logics can now be implemented even easier.
More complex design possibilities for business logics.
Support for standard values and behaviours.

For further information please refer to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Preview Guide