On the occasion oft he opening oft he Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park on May 24th 2015, ITVT Börfink GmbH also opened the former NATO bunker “Erwin” (ITVT Datacenter) for visitors.

Spread out over 5 sites with over 3000 visitors at the bunker “Erwin” alone the opening ceremony was a full success.

Next to a regional market and a church service visitors were able to attend a lecture of Professor Kretzer (TU Kaiserslautern) on the civil use of the bunker Börfink.

Furthermore exciting attractions on the topic eloectro-mobility and energy revolution were available, from Segway parcours, information booths for electro mobility and energy solutions to the presentation of e-cars and e-bikes.

Special highlights were the celebratory greetings from state secretary Dr. Griese, district administrator Dr. Schneider and major Dr. Alscher on site.

Entertainment was provided by Manfred Kessler with his theater Chapiteau “Singing competition of the animals”. The final was an open-air Rock concert (DHB) on site.

Visitors of the event given the unique opportunity to participate in a guided bunker-tour. Due to the high demand and limited amounts of bunker tours due to administrative regulations, ITVT Börfink GmbH plans to offer frequent tours in the future.

ITVT Börfink GmbH would like to thank all the participants, who have contributed to the successful opening ceremony, especially the Börfink community with whom the event was organized.