Leonberg, June 19th 2015 – ITVT has been called into 2014 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics and 2014 President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft recognizes again the innovations and excellent service of the IT service provider in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment.

Microsoft is proud to congratulate ITVT for the acceptance into the “2014 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics” and the “2014 President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics”. ITVT not only posses a high standard at product knowledge and the ITVT solutions but also provides above average services for Microsoft customers. In the end this substantiates Microsoft’s global success”, emphasizes Christian Geckeis, Microsoft. He also highlights that worldwide only 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners receive the award “Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics”.

As an “Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics” member ITVT has access to the Microsoft Corporation, as far as development of Microsoft Dynamics products and technologies and also supports Microsoft directly by consulting in business strategic decisions.

Starting with 20 employees ITVT now has almost 120 employees. “It’s gratifying what progress this young company made. Management and employees can be proud of their awards.” , Mayor of Leonberg Bernhard Schuler commended. “The sale of the city hall to ITVT 9 years ago has been the right decision.”

“We are proud to have received such a high-ranking award from Microsoft”, says Patrick Kreuzer, Managing Director at ITVT about the honors. “Our employees face the challenge of influencing our customers’, partners’ and colleagues’ lives positively every day. It is at the same time our compassion and drive, to offer solutions to our customers, that provide a real and lasting benefit”, so Patrick Kreuzer.

The award “2014 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics” and “2014 President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics” recognizes ITVT for innovative services, superior customer satisfaction and a continuously growing sales success. This renowned group represents the top 5% of all Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide.

“This elite Microsoft award mirrors the extraordinary performance of our employees at our customers’ and in our projects”, says Jochen Klipfel, Managing Director at ITVT.